A Facebook Page & Timeline Redesign?

I don’t like Facebook Pages and Timelines. There, I’ve said it.

Why you ask? Well, probably for a few reasons. I believe it achieves it’s main task quite well – which is the ability to read and write posts and interact with your followers – but the minute you try to do anything else, is the minute it starts to get a little clunky and unintuitive. I find it difficult to read the timeline. Sometimes things are on the left, sometimes they’re on the right. Are they in sequential order or not? For me, the list goes on. However, maybe it’s just me and everyone else loves the timeline?

In this day and age on the internet, it’s really easy for people to jump in and they say they don’t like something in a really negative way and then run back into the realms of internet anonymity. To see this, all you need to do is read comments left on websites such as youTube and so on. I don’t want this post to be negative, because a lot of people at Facebook have worked long and hard on pages and timeline, and you know what, I’m sure it works really well for them. As I say however, it’s probably just not for me.

So in an effort to be constructive, I thought I might look at how I might tweak Facebook Pages and Timelines. I didn’t want to spend too long on it and I also kept the look and feel quite similar to what already exists. You can’t completely throw a user into the deep end on a redesign. Anyhow, here it is.

A Facebook Page & Timeline redesign

Rather than get all wordy about the design tweaks I did, I might just let it speak for itself, but I will quickly touch on a few things.

  1. Most monitors are widescreen these days, so its ok to stretch out horizontally a little bit. Facebook implements responsive design quite well, so on a smaller screen it won’t be so wide. On a large screen, you’ll be able to fit more things in like bigger images and so on.
  2. When you land on a page, you want to have a brand experience, not necessarily a Facebook experience. You already know you’re within Facebook. I made the heading image larger so brands can really go to town with their header and show off a little more.
  3. I’ve moved a few things around to provide space to show more of what the brand page is all about. You can see I’ve placed more emphasis on those quick link widgets up the top. This helps to reinforce t the visitor what this page is all about. You can quite easily see my Linkedin Profile, my Soundcloud, my Pinterest and my PicPlz (hah hah, yes PicPlz, not instagram)
  4. For me, an interesting little thing I did was to display all the months of the year rather than just the last two or three months followed by previous years. The purpose behind showing all the months is that you can actually go forward in time. This would be super handy if brands tended to hold events that you had to do future planning for. (Hint: integrate Facebook events into timeline)
  5. Last but not least, I killed off the left and right column and just ran with a sequential list view of the timeline. To me, it feels this reads a lot easier

So anyway, that’s my take on it, and perhaps you prefer Facebook’s current version and don’t really like what I’ve done at all, which is fine too. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Though it’s sometimes nice when people offer constructive criticism to help facilitate improvements.

Now after all that, don’t forget to follow me on Facebook. Hah!