Designer Business Cards by Moo

I was very excited to see a fairly large parcel arrive in the mail for me the other day. Usually the only thing the post man delivers to me in this day and age are bills and get rich quick type letters. So when I saw a box with my name on it, I instantly became very happy. At last, my brand new business cards had arrived.

Designer Business Cards

I am an Exclusive lllustrator for iStockphoto. Part of the whole deal with that is once a year I get some free business cards from Moo with some of my iStockphoto illustrations on them.

When I opened the box and had a look inside, I was pleasantly surprised with the quality, accuracy and colour of the prints on the card. The card itself is a considerably dense stock which is great. The added bonus is that there are a variety of my drawings on the back of the card. Oh yeah!

Designer business cards

Designer business cards

Creating cards with Moo is a simple and straightforward process. Just go to Moo, create an account, upload your images (any images or designs of yours that you like), crop them with the Moo software provided (so they appear on the card as you wish), fill in your details on the other side of the card, pay for them and then you’re done.

Moo claim that they get your cards to you anywhere in the world within 15 business days. I got mine in about 10.

Anyhow, I am now very happy that I have some nice business cards with my name and illustrations on them. If you want one of my business cards, you will have to find me so I can give you one.

Designer business cards
If you like my illustrations, you can buy some of them here. Have an awesome day!