Dr Sketchy’s Life Drawing at The Famous Spiegeltent – February 2012

Dr Sketchy’s started off in Melbourne with a bang. The venue being none other than the Famous Spiegeltent just near the Arts Centre.
The Famous Spiegeltent comes to Melbourne once a year around February to March and is known for its eye opening mix of cabaret, music, comedy and circus acts.

We were fortunate enough to have two fantastic models for us to draw, Mark Captain Kidd Winmill and Lilikoi Kaos. They both started off with a performance each and then came back onto the stage and struck up a variety of interesting poses for us to illustrate.

As always, we started off with some quick five minute sketches moving on to fifteen minute illustrations.

All I can say is that my life drawing skills are a bit rusty, but I managed to pump out a few pictures that I liked. As with anything, the more practice you do, the better you get. So I’ll keep going back to Dr Sketchy’s throughout the year.

Lilikoi Kaos at Dr Sketchy's

Captain Kidd Winmill at Dr Sketchy's

Lilikoi Kaos at Dr Sketchy's

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