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Hi everyone.

I am in a band called The EAP Collective. We create electronic ambient music. A little while back, we decided to give away our very first album “Rice Paper Odyssey” for free. No strings attached. We had great fun making the album and just wanted to share it with anyone who is interested.

You can download the MP3s for free here or listen to our music on MySpace here

Here’s a fun overview about the band and our music.
Hope you enjoy it 😉 – Adrian.

The EAP Collective

Brainchild of Shane Peter B it was written and composed by the man himself……..It’s a melodic journey through the ethereal wilderness of the subconscious…….

Age T lends his extremely manly, dulcet vocals to tracks such as “Alice’s Tea Cups”, “Just like Gold Reflections on the water” and “Swamp Tales”
Stevie C and Makisan also add subtle vocal nuances in ways only they know how!

The EAP collective aim to melt your mind, then your face, then make it all better at the end of the day…..IN THAT ORDER!!!

FIVE tracks from the album are on Myspace for your eardrum’s delight…..

We’re not selling anything here, just good will and milk………………………………milk of human kindness….

Have a listen…..You won’t know what hit you.

We’d love to hear your feedback…..If you are so inclined, leave comments below.

Spread the word……forward this on to whomever you determine would benefit from from an aural epiphany!

May your day rock and may it rock hard!