Geolocation, Geofences and Information Silos.

Just read a fantastic hypothetical article over at techcrunch. It’s a futuristic look at how various mobile web technologies could potentially integrate with each other to provide a seamless user experience on the mobile web via smartphone enabled devices.

I particularly like the notion of Geofences. These are effectively imaginary borders that are created with Geolocation data points. For example, you could be in one particular area such as the city that has a Geofence around it. Inside this Geofence, certain rules apply to your mobile profile. I could have programmed my mobile to provide me directions to the closest Chinese restaurants when I am in the city because that is what I like to eat when I am there. However as soon as I leave the city Geofence, and enter a different Geofence, a different set of rules apply. I could have programmed my mobile information so when I leave the city and am driving down the highway, my mobile profile will be locating McDonalds restaurants that are in my immediate vicinity on the highway.

Anyhow, for the full article, you can view it here on techcrunch