Leon Paul – Hema Titan Mask Review

I’ve just taken up HEMA – known as Historical European Martial Arts. It’s 14th century style grappling and swordfighting.

I’m really enjoying it at and can see this is something I will continue on for a while.
One really important aspect of HEMA is ensuring you are protected when sword fighting. A mask is one of the most important things you can have. Often there are masks available to borrow at the clubs, but often they’re all different shapes and sizes and other people have been using them often. Therefore, I decided to buy my own.

The HEMA Titan by Leon Paul is one of the most expensive ones in the market from what I can tell at present. But after doing my research, I figured this is the one I wanted to try. The X-Change Bib was appealing as I can take the fabric components out of the mask and throw them in the wash. Plus. I thought the mask itself looked pretty cool.

With that in mind, I decided to reward myself with my tax return and make the investment. I have a big head so I ordered the XL size.

Ordering was generally straightforward. One thing to note is that Leon Paul goods ship straight from London. Luckily it didn’t take too long to arrive. About two weeks or thereabouts. Seems there were lots of back orders at Leon Paul which is why it took a little longer than normal. Still, living in Australia and buying things overseas, you’d normally expect a 4 week wait period, so this was good.

When my order arrived, I was surprised to see there was another big box with it. Seems Leon Paul sent me something extra. Turned out it was a very nice sword bag, some extra mask padding, neck and contour fit strap. In addition, I received one XS glove – which I found slightly odd. Especially as I’d ordered an XL mask. Also, whilst the bag is very cool, I’m not sure if it will be long enough to fit the Feder I am thinking of ordering in it. Maybe I can modify the bag to fit it in. However, it was a nice surprise and thanks to Leon Paul for the extra goodies.

I am just starting out in the world of HEMA so I’m not at sparring level yet. However, I have used the helmet during practice. In comparision to the school masks I’ve used before, it feels lightweight. I can also hear easier as the mesh around the ears isn’t muffled. One thing I did notice is that the bib is extra stiff and at times felt like it was digging into my neck. I suspect I just need to wear it in a bit more and adjust the velcro inside of the mask for a better fit. Speaking of which, the padding in the mask is very adjustable which is good to see.

So far, I am super happy with my Leon Paul HEMA Titan Mask. I am looking forward to fighting in it.

    • HEMA Titan Mask BoxHmmm, the box arrived a little beat up. I wasn’t too concerned though given the mask inside is tough as nails.


    • HEMA Titan Mask BoxThe XL mask seemed to be bigger than the box itself. Perhaps a little bit of padding and a larger box would be good?


    • HEMA Titan Mask
    • HEMA Titan Mask
    • HEMA Titan MaskOoooooooh yeah!!!!!


    • HEMA Titan Mask
    • Big BoxThis extra big box was an exciting surprise


    • Big box
    • Some extra goodies
    • A bag, straps and gloveOoooh, a bag, some extra padding and straps. Thanks LP


    • Trying on the maskA nice shiny pic of me wearing the mask


  • Trying on the mask
  • Trying on the maskCheers!!!

  • Trying on the maskTime for bed