Life Drawing at Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne. Evie Red and her Golden Bubble Bath!

Dr Sketchy’s is so much fun. I mean what more could I ask for really? A nice Sunday afternoon at the Toff in Melbourne with a beer and a gin, some rad Tunes by DJ Knave Knixx and a lovely life drawing/burlesque model called Evie Red. With her amazing costumes and great poses, Evie was a joy to draw.

As far as drawing was concerned, I was trying to push my technique a little more this time. I did the majority of illustrations using the standard pen and paper, however for the first time I decided to try and use my iPad. Sporting a Targus Stylus and a program called Procreate, I did a few sketches here and there. One of them came out really well. The others were a bit rough as I was trying to get used to the program itself and the short amount of time I had to draw each pose.

When I got home later that night, I was feeling quite experimental, so I decided to run my illustration through an app called Decim8. Decim8 is an amazing app that I highly recommend if you like glitching and distorting all sorts of images. Some pretty cool stuff happened as a result. I’ve listed some of my favorite illustrations and photos from the day below. Enjoy!

Evie Red Posing

My favourite drawing of Evie from the day

This was done on my iPad with a stylus and the Procreate app. This was a 15 minute pose from memory? I didn’t have too much time for the drawing, but I like how it came out in the end.

Some cool glitch distortion effects using Decim8

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