Life Drawing at Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne. Salome Red Goddess

I attended Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne life drawing class at the Toff on November 27th 2011. This was the second time I’ve been to Dr Sketchy’s and it was definitely loads of fun.

Dr Sketchy’s Melbourne provides a cool, creative vibe, which allows you to get in the zone whilst drawing. Resident DJ Knave pumps out sonics that are befitting to the mood that the model portrays.

This month’s model was Kerry X who was adorned in a red satin Middle Eastern dress with accompanying jewellery. Beginning the session with the Dance of the Seven Veils and then moving into poses, Kerry was wonderful to draw. Check out her website here

Below are some of my sketches from the session. Oh, and yes, that is a severed head in the first picture.

If you would like to attend Dr Sketchy’s in Melbourne or for more information, here is the Dr Sketchy Tumblr