Microsoft, Skype, Xbox Kinect & Innovation

So news just in that Microsoft has bought Skype for $8.5billion dollars (I wish I had $8.5billion dollars).

No real details as to what they plan to do with it just yet, however there has been mention of integration of Skype with Xbox, Kinect, Windows Phone & Outlook (and no doubt others) – For me the most exciting combination here is Skype and Kinect integration.

On one hand we have Gesture Based Video Control and on the other hand we have Streaming Video Chat. Mix the two together and I think we’ll be seeing some really amazing stuff.

Imagine seamless integration of the two products in your home environment – sitting in front of your big wide screen TV whilst using Kinect to navigate through your Skype address book. Select the person you want to speak to via a gesture, then in an instant you have connected via Skype with them and are chatting away. The conversation between you and your friend switches to your most recent holiday and all the amazing photos you took on your camera. Another gesture allows you to bring up a sub menu of all your available media. As you are browsing through your media with the aid of Kinect, you are still chatting with your friend. When you’ve found your holiday photos, a simple drag and drop gesture whereby you move your selected photos from the submenu onto the video of your friend allows you to instantly share these photos with them.

This is just one exciting possibility that could eventuate between the integration of Skype and Kinect. Hopefully we will be seeing a lot more in the near future.