Thoughts on Apple, Google Chrome and Adobe Flash

There has been a bit of a turf war growing recently. It all came head to head with the release of the Google Nexus One. Apple saw this as a direct threat to the iPhone and their business model. Needless to say, ties between the two companies have soured rapidly as of late.

It was interesting to see just before the release of the Apple iPad, Steve Jobs came out and denounced the use of Adobe Flash and categorically denied that Apple would ever support it. People were wondering why? It’s hard to deny there is large support and demand for Flash Content. Steve Jobs claims that the world is moving towards HTML 5. I do agree that this is the case, however, people are not ready to entirely ditch Flash. It is still a valid platform and integral to the web.

Just today Google announced that it’s Chrome browser would now natively support Adobe Flash.

I get the feeling that Apple could see Flash content a direct threat to it’s own Apple Store. This would explain why they are trying to crush Flash. Flash has been around a lot longer than Apple Applications and the App Store. There is a lot more Flash content than there is Apple Applications. With Flash, you can create games, you can create applications, you can embed video, dynamic content and more – basically everything that Apple is trying to sell through it’s store.

Therefore I see it an interesting move on Google’s behalf to integrate Flash within Chrome. This can be seen as a direct support to Adobe Flash, but could also be seen as a competitive move against Apple.

When I heard this news, one of the first things that sprung to mind was – Could Google possibly be looking to bolster it’s own Google Android store with some form of Flash Content – games, applications, dynamic content? This would be a way of quickly and dramatically bringing it’s number of Applications up to compete with Apple. It would certainly level the playing field a bit more.

What do you think? Could you see Flash possibly being integrated into Google Android and the Google App store? Can Adobe Flash integration with Chrome be seen as a deliberate, direct and competitive move against Apple?

**** UPDATE – 19 April 2010 ****
It seems my prediction was correct.  Adobe has now announced that they are developing Flash for Google Android. This should make things very interesting between Google, Apple and Adobe.